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The grandest movements are all started with the simplest idea. FWDThinkers is no different.


Two years ago, our group of friends collectively wondered to themselves an elementary question: how can we create more paid gigs for local artists? We were tired of seeing talented friends not receiving recognition or compensation and instead, left with lack of opportunities and support. The genesis was humble. We showed up to every local show and supported as true fans would, from merchandise purchases to social media sharing. The issue that plagued us though was simple; was all this truly enough for the artists that we supported? Music has such power to move us, and has been the fuel to FWDThinkers starting. It has such ability to permeate light into our very souls. Our mission is to select life changing artists to participate on our roster of curated content. Through collections of records specifically selected for exposure, we believe the  music we place can actually change the way you perceive the world. 


Fueled by our passionate inquiry, FWDThinkers began to sprout. Relationships were built, creative partnerships were formed, and the movement to consciously shift the paradigm in the way we consume live music was born. This platform was created in a blog format to allow for artists to connect and share their music, art, content, shows schedules, and perspectives. It’s an even playing field for any creative chasing their dreams and wanting to improve their brand as an artist. From our weekly Spotify playlist, ‘Digital Vegetables’ to our monthly curated local shows with payout to talent, the foundation has and always will be love. 


“The FWDthinkers Collective is dedicated to all the young upstart artists and the unknown bands doing it for all the right reasons.”

– L.M.C.



This is a vessel to share this exhilarating feeling of discovering new sounds and new talents. It started as, and will always remain, an inclusive and genre-less collection of music that touches your soul and ignites that spark we all crave.

Specifically. Selected. Sounds.

A place for artists to connect and share music, art, visual content, live shows, tour schedules, and perspectives. 

All we want to do is free your mind | Our objective is harmony.


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