Lil Fancy. The Fanciest. Lil Fandrew Jackson. Straight out of Plant City, Florida this artist isn’t bound to any genre as he uses free thought and emotions to create a wide range of sounds over diverse production. He can go from deep emotional crooning to quirky punchlines that can’t help but make you smile. Fancy is a child of the Young Thug era of rap, his lyrics can be thought-provoking and extremely clever. He continues to expand on his sound and explore the boundaries with his newest album release ‘LFJ’.

“Pray for my enemies I know they envy me, we got hundred rounds spin like a DVD” – Lil Fancy on Dead or Alive

‘LFJ’ (Lil Fandrew Jackson) is home to so many different genres and sounds that anybody could like, yet it is still extremely cohesive and flows smoothly to the ear. With features from his twin E $krilla, Lil Page, and Marco Park$ it seamlessly fulfills the appetite of any music lover. ‘LFJ’ is produced entirely by the one and only Heavy Kev and with the assistance of the extremely versatile Santiago Purp helped make this an intriguing and sought after project. If you like Lil Fandrew Jackson (AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS) you will love E $krilla’s project FREE E$KRILLA 3 which is out now!