T.COUTURE is a DJ/Sound selector, Graphic Designer, Photographer and all around multi-creative based in Tampa, FL with the main goal to connect with those worldwide. She’s also the founder and Graphic Designer of Couture’d Radio which is a monthly independent online radio exclusively premiered on Soundcloud every first Friday introducing her favorites and soon to be yours. With the opportunity of introducing her favorites and soon to be yours she’s done guest mixes for – Gasparilla Music Festival (The DJ for Jordan Patrick & The Midas Touch), Make Sure You Have Fun (a collective based out of Pittsburgh), Never Say Ruin (an independent radio show based out of South Carolina), The Lot Radio (an independent radio show based in Brooklyn, NY), Dash Radio (1K Radio based out of LA and Miami) and many more! Using these multiple mediums to express herself as an all around artist and creative has been her joy for years.


(Artwork by @delinda_arts)


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DJ Inquires/bookings/collaborations: harpertempestt18@gmail.com