Join us for this creative evening of music and art!
Welcome to ‘Heightened Senses’.
This night was conceived in the hopes of connecting like-minded people for a refreshing escape into mind-expanding talent and unparalleled technique. An immersion of specifically crafted sounds, handmade works, and performance art. With an obsessive devotion to detail, together we will challenge the conventional and explore the full reach of the spectrum.
At ‘Heightened Senses’ we are focused on providing a safe and tolerant space for all individuals. Please join us on the last Thursday of every month. Coming together, celebrating the sounds and absorbing the textures that embody the soul of Seminole Heights.
Our objective is harmony
Five 5 Tampa rhythm section staple members Tucker Sody, Vinny Svoboda, and Jordan Garno have some of the most entertaining content on social media. The talent oozes out onto the screen and into your speakers. When these three come together great things happen!
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Check out some of The Katara Trio’s Performance at the first ever HIghtened Senses!