** This will be the final show for this series for the season. Please follow us on all social media @fwdthinkersmusic and check the website for new music series coming soon!

The Neighborhood “Lawncert” Series: Presented by fwdthinkersmusic.com will host different singer/songwriters from around the city to help spread joy and bring smiles to people’s faces!

“Music is the universal connector. We understand that during these times especially, music has the ability to spread joy and bring smiles to people’s faces.”


The FREE live shows will start at 6:30 pm sharp and last around 45-60 minutes. The performances will be held from an elevated bridge that allows concertgoers to walk up freely, maintain social distancing, and safely enjoy some live music next to the beautiful riverside park. Please contact taylorf@fwdthinkersmusic.com with any questions about the events.


AYAM is an on the rise artist from Clearwater, FL. She started chasing her dreams and sharing her talents with the world summer of 2018. Before that summer, no one knew she had such soulful talents, not even her own mother (and if you know AYAM you know her mother is one of her best friends). She kept her capabilities to herself in fear that it was only a dream, she could never be good enough nor did she want to bring necessary attention to herself. After stepping out of her fear and on to faith she decided to make her move and follow her little voice inside. She’s never been one for the spotlight but the stage is her domain. As an R&B Soul Artist her goal is to give her audience goosebumps, the good ones! She prides herself in making her lyrics relatable and being able to create a scene for her listeners. With that being said, this young woman is coming for your heart and every nerve that makes you feel. Check our her latest hit “Piano”, streaming everywhere now.


For more info and music for AYAM please visit https://linktr.ee/ayamxomusic