“Music is the universal connector. We understand that during these times especially, music has the ability to spread joy and bring smiles to people’s faces.”


The Neighborhood “Lawncert” Series: Presented by fwdthinkersmusic.com will host different singer/songwriters from around the city to help spread joy and bring smiles to people’s faces!
The FREE live shows will start at 4 pm sharp and last around 45-60 minutes. The performances will be held from an elevated bridge that allows concertgoers to walk up freely, maintain social distancing, and safely enjoy some live music next to the beautiful riverside park. Please contact taylorf@fwdthinkersmusic.com with any questions about the events.


Five 5 Tampa rhythm section staple members Tucker Sody, Vinny Svoboda, and Jordan Garno have some of the most entertaining content on social media. The talent oozes out onto the screen and into your speakers. When these three come together great things happen!


Location: Ignacio Haya Linear Park
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