Luisa Padro who also goes by Artysta LuLu is a self-taught visual artist/expressionist painter whose style mixes vivid, energetic, happy colors with cartoons and images of the cosmos. Her paintings bring a simplistic, childlike view to complex and out-of-this-world ideas, promoting peace, love, self-empowerment, and an awakened mind-set.

LuLu was recently commissioned to create a painting as a symbol of togetherness and unity of our community. The buyer is a very positive minded person who loves to help people and see people succeed. She has a love for plants and nature, so LULU knew exactly which direction to go when she was commissioned for the mural that the buyer could take with her if she ever moves. The city at the center represents the togetherness of the community. The field of flowers represents her connection with nature. I created a character sitting on the moon, holding a golden cherry blossom tree. Sitting on the moon represents seeing the world from a bird’s eye perspective. And the golden cherry blossom represents everything you touch has the potential of turning into gold.

She gives a special thanks to her husband Indy Rock, who built this and installed it for her. “He truly is my rock and the best partner in the world!”

You can catch Artysta LuLu and Indy Rock every Sunday at Ol’ Dirty Sundays at Crowbar in Ybor City and also be on the lookout for her appearing at future FWDthinkers shows and exhibits.

For more information on commissioning Lulu visit @ArtystaLuLu