Comets only come across the sky at destined times in the universe; if you’re lucky, you’ll be outside to catch it in its full glory. If not, you’ll have to wait on the retelling of bystanders or look at a moment frozen in time in a photograph of a shooting star’s grace.

Lucky for us, we have the internet and things that once would be a shooting star phenomenon now live forever, waiting to be seen for the first time by an infinite number of eyes. With my new writing position here at FWDTHINKERS, I’d like to place some emphasis on hallmark moments that may have been missed by those not lucky enough to be outside.

Take Iamdoechii’s Coven Music Session, Vol. 1. The project starts off with alluring, spaced out percussion that you would have expected to hear on a Timbo track in 2039. Iamoechii elegantly rips into “60 Seconds” with the precision of a Black Widow to the fly. She dials in completely to her flows throughout the EP’s opening silos, yet maintains this eerie balance of hefty confidence and blissful transference; The weight on her inflections drops on you like an ACME Anvil and there’s nothing comical about it.

By the time we reach the immaculate flow switching on “Bills”, you’ve been ignorant to not be assured Doechii isn’t just a rare star in the universe, she is an universe. Her schemes are readily impressive, switching to something similar to a Freddie Gibbs’ verse, but without the Gnarl and grit but replaced with Honolulu breeze; her flow and breath control is as tactful and swift as a John Wick kill. The pure raucous and impressive streak doesn’t stop there, however. Alongside her top tier rapping ability, Iamdoechii busts out some stellar singing ability on “Weekend” and “Everything You Needed”, fronted by a seemingly limitless potential to songwriting. The craftiness of her sound is awe-inspiring, spanning a wealth of electronic, R&B, New Orleans Bounce, House, and more over the span of the 9 track run time. While expansive and experimental, it never once feels like a song is out of reach or out of place: our girl has a full grasp on her sound and where she wants to take it.



Written by : Robb Ferdinand