William L. McAllister III better known as FRE$H P was born on April 6, 1988 in the low income housing projects of Tampa, Fl. Fre$h often found himself in trouble in elementary school, the many hours he spent on punishment gave him time to begin writing, both poetry and music. Through the years Fre$h continued to develop his style as he drew inspiration from artists like Eminem, Ludacris, Kanye West, and TI.  “ I loved the way they used music as an escape from the real world…to express themselves in many different ways; imaginary and realistically” Fre$h said.

In 2006 Fre$h left home and did one college semester in Miami. It was during this semester that he took on the Fre$h P moniker and reinvented his image.  After returning to Tampa, Fre$h continued to work on his musical craft while earning his BS degree. He graduated in 2011 and shortly after in 2012  enrolled in the US Army. Fre$h took advantage of the travel opportunities provided by the military. He was able to perform in showcases in places like Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and more.  As he served he continued to record and develop his stage presence.  When his service ended in 2015, Fre$h returned home, focused, and determined to provide his family with the best life possible. He made this promise to himself, and to God; and so began his professional music career.

In 2016 Fre$h dropped his first video for the single “My City”. A local success, “My City” began to get him noticed amongst his peers. Soon doors began to open, Fre$h found himself performing at local events like the 1st Tampa Cypher hosted by Big Ray Nuccio and Smoken Words. His stage performance soon caught the eye of two local music squads, which he joined. (Marijuana Mafia and ILL2Def). During this same year, he opened for Young Thug and Smack URL at Club Skye.  It was during a group battle between his ILL2Def teammates and another group (Powerline) that Fre$h was able to separate himself from the average rapper He believed that anyone can rap back and forth across a stage for 3 to 10 minutes, but not all can entertain and put on a show while doing it.  Fre$h began to think outside the box and mix his motivational/soulful music with a comical twist of entertainment.  Fre$h P had developed his own unique style which took fans by storm at Jroc Jones’ Album Release Party. His outstanding performances soon caught the attention of DJ Shizm who started spinning his “Party and BS” single on ‘95.7 -The Beat’.

Today Fre$h continues to push in order to keep his promise. His ultimate goal is to create a new sound and make music that people of all ages can relate to. He believes his voice will be heard not only locally, but globally.