Somewhere between tragedy and triumph lies an image of Floridian rapper Gat$; with a fierce blend of biting commentary, raucous bravado, and slurred wit, Tampa mainstay Gat$ has risen from a history of death, illness, and depression to stake his claim as a premier rapper on the national stage. With 2019’s momentum behind him with numerous festival appearances (Rolling Loud, Gasparilla Music Festival), a new project ROBBERS EP featuring the rising collaboration with CHASETHEMONEY (“Cardiac Coupe”).  fully produced and recorded by the man himself.

In 2021, Gat$ is coming in smoother than ever, this time reaching deep in his bag to bless us with an amazing flow spliced with some unforgettable melodies sprinkled throughout. The production is flawless. When that beautiful piano came in from the start, followed by one of the smoothest basslines of 2020, I knew we had something special on our hands. Meshing so well with the production, Robb uses his Mesmerizing flow like an instrument bringing the entire track together in a way only he could do.

“Quarantine has been weird. Life has been strange. 2020 should have been the year we went up, but instead got us down. Back from exile, I decided to release some of the music I made while in solitude. Rest In Peace to Henn Dawg. “Moonlight” is the first single. I hope you enjoy.” – Robb Gat$

If you want to see Gat$ perform live, you are in luck. This Sunday, March 7th, he will be doing a special performance with the Katara Trio. For tickets to the show: CLICK HERE>>

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