New and powerful single from Tampa favorites Jinx and Shelby Sol addressing the state of civil unrest and putting melody to the social justice and human rights issues we are fighting for on a daily basis.

“Tell me where them Kings go?
This ones for the power when we seem low.
Cowards wont allow us, they devouring our ego.

But now im screaming POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”

Conscious thoughts and knowledge are spread evenly over this commandingly robust anthem of remembrance. Jinx is comfortable and confident in this space. Powerful vocals from Shelby capture the anguish we are all feeling. Bold and poignant statements cultivate those contemplative moments that serve as vessels for change. Let this record resonate in the deepest part of your soul. This is a plea to abandon the superficial for more substance driven music.

“Moment of silence for the dead Kings,
another silence for the dead Queens
at least now you get to spread your wings.
I hope to God that you found your peace.
I  hear your soul through the melody
I hear everything you’re telling me
We stand in pride of your memory
We gotta be better than anything they every telling We”
Stand tall, stand united, stand for what you believe in.
Approach every situation with love and empathy. We will not live in silence or fear. And no matter what, we  WON’T FORGET YOUR NAME.>>