The true beauty of a piece of art lies in where the lines blur together. Where the matte black mixes over the swirling pinks to outline a sky, we are able to visualize the night time air encroaching on a sunset; or the melding of a traditional piano loop hearkening back to the days of Jazz’s dominance crashing over a modern trap drum line, you hear Black America in two distinct generations. Sometimes, you’re lucky to find an individual that can produce both. 

When it comes to Fary Charles, more commonly known as Junkyrd, the definition of being transcendent is a deserving title for the visual and musical artist currently based in Florida. Although leading an enigmatic life, Junkyrd has received national recognition and praise for his visually striking artwork, as seen on Pink Siifu’s (@pinksiifu) recent ‘NEGRO’ and ‘NEGRO [DELUXE]’ album covers. However, as a passionate individual, Junkyrd immerses himself in new ways to challenge his own artistry, as he begins to unravel his new art medium of expressing himself with music.

After toiling away in solitude for some time, Junkyard begins his new endeavor with his new EP, “JUNKTAPE 001”, set for release on 5.28.21 and distributed by Symphonic Distribution. A blend of hip hop, avant-garde and genre bending noise, Junkyrd’s newest release is refreshingly bold take to delivering a commercially viable yet off-center sound. The EP has a weight to it, with technically proficient raps delivered with a uniquely gritty texture. His tone is rugged and feels like a boulder rolling off of Atlas’ back. The burly rhymes carried by weird transitions are more than welcome, synergized as they add to the scruffy aesthetic and create this really cohesive flow to the project that demands your attention from the very first note. 

Just like the journey from pencil sketches to full blown oil paintings, “JUNKTAPE 001” grew into an auditory experience from a scattered grouping of songs, traversing lesser explored areas of hip hop and headspace in general. The range is absolutely incredible, with influences colliding like Beanie Siegel meets Frank Ocean. This is the kind of music that has such a genuine feel that it begins to be something that warrants the desire for you to protect. Those vulnerable moments that we share with an artist that we have never met are some of the most introspective moments we have as human beings. 

With replayability and alignment baked into the DNA of this project, it has all the makings of what one would call a classic. It blurs all the lines and draws your attention, and just like Junkyrd’s illustrious visual art career, his music is a sight, and sound, to behold. With this kind of beauty, the transcendence is obvious.

Instagram: Junkyard_jydk