New tunes from one of our favorite and most promising duos that is making a major splash with their excellent songwriting and attention to production detail. This genre-bending electronic pop takes you on a surreal journey into a fantasy world. They are clearly establishing a formulaic approach to their releases and have started a strong push to cut through the static with genuine and undeniably quality music.


Pyres will be releasing their much anticipated new Single ‘Dark’ at Midnight tonight! Not only are they gaining recognition for the amazing way they paint a vivid picture with their lyricism and production they are also quickly gaining attention for their phenomenal visuals, usually displayed in snippets for future releases. The visuals showcase the true beauty of nature and It is hard to focus on the small burdens of everyday life when watching and listening to Pyres.


We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to chat with the Colorado-based group, Pyres,  Consisting of Michael, a native of Boulder and Benji, who grew up south of our HQ in Miami, Florida, the two mesh their differing musical styles together to create the incredible brainchild that is Pyres


Michael and Benji quickly discovered that their individual talents actually blended beautifully together, in a fresh and uplifting way. With Michael’s drawing in songwriting experience and bringing the raw material for a track to the table, Benji joins in with his technical and production experience. Michael explains that Benji has a real knack for creating an atmosphere and space with music, so he likes to give Benji the main idea through songwriting and then allow Benji to really capture the essence through his production. In turn, Benji compliments Michael’s songwriting by noting how powerful and pungent his messages are due to pulling lyrical inspiration from a lot of emotional experiences. The respect the members have for each other’s talents and the talents themselves result in magic. ‘Pyres’ has their own special niche of vocally driven electronic music. 


This producer/artist duo released their first single, Wiser, in early 2020. The group focuses on vocally driven electronic music that conveys a deeper feel. What started as a single collaboration, quickly evolved into the emerging project, Pyres. “Lonely” was the second release from the duo which quickly gained steam and became one of their most streamed songs on Spotify. Both members of Pyres share a cohesive perspective that creates a synergy best felt through their unique style. Listeners are immediately immersed in the soundscapes these artists have built around the vocal melodies. Pyres employs both synthesized and organic sounds lending to a dynamic rise and fall of emotions. The group strives to create art that delivers an uplifting and thoughtful introspection. Residing in Denver Colorado, Pyres has spent the last year creating new music.
Pyres have always been on our radar since their inception and we look forward to seeing how this amazing duo progresses for years to come!


Presave ‘Dark’ and check out ‘Loney’ and ‘Wiser’ Bellow!