New tunes from one of our favorite and most promising duos that is making a major splash with their excellent songwriting and attention to production detail. This genre bending electronic pop takes you on a surreal journey into a fantasy world. They are clearly establishing a formulaic approach to their releases and have started a strong push to cut through the static with genuine and undeniably quality music.

Formed in 2019, this producer/artist duo released their first single, Wiser, early 2020. The group focuses on vocally driven electronic music that conveys a deeper feel. What started as a single collaboration, quickly evolved into the emerging project, Pyres. Both members of Pyres share a cohesive perspective that creates a synergy best felt through their unique style. Listeners are immediately immersed in the soundscapes these artists have built around the vocal melodies. Pyres employs both synthesized and organic sounds lending to a dynamic rise and fall of emotions. The group strives to create art that delivers an uplifting and thoughtful introspection. Residing in Denver Colorado, Pyres has spent the last year creating new music

“Lonely” is the second release from the artist/producer duo, Pyres. It was inspired by the turbulence of experiencing love and loss. The song focuses on the ambivalence of love and the risks we are willing to take for it. In that sense, “Lonely” expresses the human dilemma that love presents, knowing love will end but choosing to love anyway. At a time when most people have been experiencing intense isolation, this song hopes to remind the listener of the strengths they have within. >>

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