Widely respected and multi-talented Tampa native producer/artist/engineer Vern Senior recently released a 15-min beat pack EP with a really futuristic and spacey vibe. This is a very acutely designed collection of really well-crafted frequencies and liquefied textures. Deep house keys and quirky glitches seem to be exploring far corners of the mind. This a really refreshing and exciting project for the city from one of the top players. >>
Vern with some words about the project :
“Oftentimes people don’t see how much work an artist puts in behind IG stories and tweets. Given the recent circumstances we currently face in our reality, they have to ability to shape us but not before we accept our individual need for change. “TRIALS” is a reflection across the spectrum of emotions I’ve been feeling for the past few months with the world in disarray. It’s a tad short but I didn’t want to clutter it with irrelevant noise so I hope you enjoy it!”
For more info and to follow Vern Senior visit https://linktr.ee/vern_sr