The FWDthinkers collective is just that, a collective of amazing and diverse artists, simply put lovers of music. We were excited and had amazing things planned for 2020, insert pandemic, but that wasn’t going to stop us. We continued our momentum where the original seed was planted. It all began with a select few music lovers that grew into a substantial and diverse community. The “FWDthinkers” text group began. We shared, we talked shit, we joked, we argued about who’s verse was better, we built each other up, shared underground rap, electronic music to folk, but most importantly we became a FAMILY. The seed has outgrown our expectations.  The playlist is diverse, organic, and most importantly originates out of LOVE.


Music has such power to move us FWD, such ability to shine light into our souls. Our mission is to curate a roster of life-changing content by selecting radiant artists based on exposure and opportunity. We believe these collections of mind-bending records will unveil worlds of bold perspective. A place where artists can connect and share music, art, visual content, live shows, tours, and perspectives all we want to do is free your mind. Our objective is harmony.


Inclusive Taste. Exclusive Space.