AKiVA the Band’s announcement of their decision to pursue solo projects was heartbreaking news to receive. The group and its members have earned a place in the Tampa music scene with some really solid music and some soulful live performances. I was so comforted to hear that we would be receiving a new single from AKiVA the Artist. The new music shows a welcomed versatility and highlights different sounds that we are used to consuming from this respected front man. The vision is clear and the future is bright.
“In these new releases I am solely focused on collaboration with new producers and creating music in the moment. Right now I am only releasing on YouTube + Soundcloud in order to build a more focused/dedicated following.”
This is an artist worth your follow. Support the local talent that acts as the bedrock of our local music community. Take a moment to check out the links below and follow AKiVA the Artist on all socials.>>