One of the brighter standouts we have been recently introduced to is Chael Blinya. His record “George” immediately resonated with me and made the ‘Digital Vegetables’ Playlist (Celery || 59). Thank you to Dennis Amadeus for making the introduction. Chael is an artist that can make some real noise while staying true to himself and his vision for the music. >>
Chael is a Ghanaian-American writer based in Tampa, Florida. As a developing mind in a rapidly evolving world, Chael primarily uses themes of self-identity & hindered perception to unpack his point of view. 
Amidst nostalgic chocolatey baked goodness, Chael Blinya reminisces on a time period of his youth in which he pursued entrepreneurship as a teenager in Tampa, Florida. Using a classic hip hop fashioned instrumental Chael’s top tier lyricism details a bildungsroman of sorts with his best friend, Asaad (Saad), as THE on-campus brownie dealers during their final semester as high school seniors.
watch here >>