Brand new visual from spoken word artist recently turned emcee. Watching her sharpen her sword during the recording process was inspiring. Five 5 Studios engineer ‘Perception’, produced on the project with confidence. She came into the building with zero fear. It’s always inspiring to see someone take on a challenge in such a head-on manner. We will always support Lilith and the passion she puts into her art.


Lilith, the unorthodox St. Pete based rapper, is inventing a brand new style, unplaceable in any category. With roots in spoken word poetry, Lilith’s cryptic lyrics range from dark to eccentric topic matters, often considered radical. Lilith pairs her prodigious lyricism with a contrast of eerie and whimsical soundscapes, pairing an original audio setting with an equally engaging visual presentation


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Instagram: Lilith.lex
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Twitter: lilithlexx